Refrigerator Ratings

Refrigerator ratings

Before you finally decide to purchase a particular refrigerator model, you will like to consider things like your budget, the refrigerator model which you think best suits the need of your family, the style of the refrigerator that blends with your existing décor and the refrigerator features you desire.

These things can give you clarification as to the type of refrigerator that you aim to purchase. Knowing the use of refrigerator ratings will let you learn the right fridge that will give you a great deal. These ratings work by giving scores to the leading refrigerator manufacturer and models based on various product reviews.

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Here we develop our own rating system which you can view on all reviews that we present to you. We give a rating to each refrigerator model based on a five star point system, of which perfect score is five. Those models that will earn three or less total stars are not good enough that we will not recommend them.

French Door and Side by Side refrigerators are examples of the highest rated models that we come up with. In terms of brands, Amana, LG and GE consistently garnered the top ratings. Expectedly, Amana owns some of the top rated refrigerator models when it comes to quality and value.


In our evaluation, there are areas that we find very significant to consider:

  1. Style– Compared to other considerations, this may not be so vital; however, we anticipate that you will want to know that the manufacturer of that refrigerator took some time to make their product pleasing to the eyes of their customers.
  2. Durability– You desire to have a refrigerator model that will sustain to everyday use and the test of time.
  3. Functionality– You desire to know the added features that the manufacturer has for their refrigerators which you find as great solutions to your particular problem. Features like water dispensers and ice makers are good features, but are they an added benefit to you? Majority of refrigerators with these features are expected to come with high prices and may take up additional storage space for your food. So, the functionality rating takes these concerns into consideration.
  4. Ease of cleaning– It’s poor design that makes you upset most of the times when you are cleaning your refrigerator. This area rates refrigerators based on the easiness of cleaning the exterior part of the fridge, the convenience of accessing possible spills and the easiness of avoiding such spills by utilizing a smart design.

Taking these areas into considerations, we are committed to provide you with an extensive list of our top rated refrigerators. We come up with our ratings by combining our in-house testing and the collected data from our consumer reviews, dealers, manufacturers, awards and other sources.

You can expect this rating process to provide you exact evaluation that will help you decide on the right refrigerator model for you. You can also find best side by side refrigerators here.



Here we aim to make your decision-making easier for you to do by providing you the top rated refrigerator models.

So, we eliminated those models that garnered lower quality and scores and kept the best.

We provide you here the links that have list of the top rated refrigerator models in various categories:

Refrigerator Ratings of Leading Brands: From GE to Amana to LG, look at the leading refrigerator brands that scored the highest total refrigerator ratings here.

Refrigerator Reviews: Look for the Top Rated Refrigerators by knowing those that garnered the highest scores in our extensive Refrigerator Reviews.

Top 10 Rated Refrigerators: You can find here the list of the ten highest scored refrigerator models in all categories. You might be surprised with what you can see here.

Compact Refrigerators

Compact Refrigerators

Compact Refrigerators are configured in several ways. They come with various
functional applications, from mini refrigerators to dorm refrigerators. These are your best
options if you don’t need a wide space for your food items, as they come with limited
power range and capacity.

These refrigerators are very handy that anyone can use them in their offices, game
rooms or when having outdoor food trips. They are available in cheaper prices and are
easy to transfer from one place to another. They can be almost regarded as portable

NOTE: These refrigerators are smaller so you cannot expect more freezer
capacity in them. Usually, they just have space that could be enough to freeze
some ice cubes or chill your favorite chocolate bar. Instead, you can choose a
Compact Freezer so you can have more than enough freezer storage space

Picking the Perfect Model for You

For you to come up with the right decision in picking the perfect compact refrigerator
model for you, there are factors that you need to consider:

1. Durability – When it comes to durability, Compact Refrigerators differ depending on
the manufacture you choose. Take into account the number of people who will
use the fridge and the span of time you desire it to last. These units are expected
to have compressors with a life span of 7-10 years.

2. Space and Capacity – Consider the length and width of space your family need.
There are compact refrigerators the measure up to 10-15 cubic feet but others
have 1.5-5.5 cubic feet.

3. Usage – What are you using the refrigerator for? Are you planning to use it
for your game room, dorm room or as a car fridge? Consider the amount of
items you plan to store in the fridge and the way you want to use them, either
personally or commercially. These considerations are important as smaller
refrigerators like compact refrigerators can be functional as primary or secondary
fridges, given that you choose the top quality model in the market today.

Leading Manufacturers

Compact refrigerators are made by a few manufacturers only. Even if leading brands
in the market that make this type of refrigerators, there is still a need for you to make a
careful shopping decision.

We have here some brands that stood our test for quality compact refrigerators. They
were able to make some units with outstanding features like spillproof shelving that you

can adjust and slide out, innovative ice makers and temperature humidity controls that
come in two separate units. These manufactures were:

•  GE – Compact refrigerators manufactured by GE are a perfect choice for dorm
rooms, garages and offices. They are available with glass shelves that are able
to hold items that you want to store every day.

•  Samsung – This brand offers outstanding energy efficiency and reasonable prices
for their refrigerators.

•  LG – Has a brand line that offers quality refrigerator models with high end

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